Sunny (Sluncho)

Sunny (Sluncho)

About The Pet

Slancho lives in the Municipal Shelter, and his only home is the little, nasty cage that he hates.
Sunny was found very weak on the highway in 2017., was very weak. He has spent half of his 3-year life behind bars with a dog that systematically beat and bit him.

And this could be the reason why Sunny does not want to go back to his cage after a walk. It is difficult to return him to his cage and very sad. If he is close to his cage – he is transformed. He gets nervous. He does not allow himself to be touched, does not allow the leash to be removed, he begins to growl, could try to bite.

Words cannot describe Sunny’s transformation when he comes out of his cage for a walk. He just becomes a different and unique dog. He is beautiful, radiant, energetic, hugs and smiles..
He us wonderful with people and also with other dogs. He just loves being outside, free and to communicate with everyone around him.

Save him, please!

Show him that he can be happy and loved, much more than a 20-minute weekend.

He is here and waiting his turn …

You can come and visit Sunny at the Municipality Shelter,  or message us on Facebook

  • Breed:   Mixed Breed
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   3 years
  • Size at Maturity:   Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered:   Yes
  • Location:   Municipality shelter - Pernik

Join us for a walk ;)