About The Pet

This is the dog that really hates his tiny cell !!!
Only the people who walked him and who had to literally drag him back to his cell know his grief !!!
Sad, very sad, is to lock such a free spirit in a narrow cell !!! He loves to run, jump, caress, and play!
Bonus is horrified by the barking of the other dogs in the shelter, and this is the reason he is kept in a cell inside the Shelter.
Days go by …, weeks …, months …
He is there, and all he has left is to wait, waiting for 30 minutes of freedom over the weekend !!!
Please give this freedom-loving and playful puppy HOME and love !!!
Don’t forget that every minute he is alone, locked in the cell, with a small window …

You can come and visit Bingo at the Municipality Shelter or message us on Facebook


  • Breed:   Mixed breed
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   N/A
  • Size at Maturity:   Medium
  • Spayed/Neutered:   Yes
  • Health Condition:   Healthy
  • Location:   Municipality shelter - Pernik

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